2020 Apprenticeship final works

Klarke Campbell



This piece focuses on the tension
between nature and humanity. Though the
natural world plays a key role in our lives, excessive human inuence diminishes
it and keeps it from thriving. In this case, the tortoise's shell - a crucial aspect for its survival - has the potential to be a beautiful, lively element to marvel at, covered in a would-be a majestic mountain range. However, it’s left totally fractured, tainted and battered. I wanted to question why we choose to destroy our world and live connected with something we’re all a part of. Do we just not care about what we’re hurting? Do we not know we are hurting ourselves.

Megan DeArman



Mind Release is simply a reminder that it is okay to take a mental break. From
facing a pandemic for the rst time, to ghting for basic human rights, everyone
feels obligate to stress and worry about what is next. The inclusive gure in my
piece has removed their brain from its stress- lled body and is placing it in a
space of serenity. The arms are curled to represent unwinding. It is ok to focus on your own mental health in time of worry.

Michael Doyle


Product Manager

It is believed that all terrestrial vertebrates (tetrapods) alive today are descended from the Tiktaalik roseae, are descended  from the Devonian Age that evolved the ability to crawl onto land using its specialized fins. It forms the trunk of the tetrapod evolutionary tree, with every
group of tetrapods that has existed since having evolved from it. The Tiktaalik’s descendant, Elginerpenton pancheni is believed to be the
earliest known amphibian, a group of tetrapods that are born fully aquatic but later move onto land. Eventually some amphibians would
evolve into semiaquatic predators with mouths full of sharp teeth, such as the Ichthyostega stensioei. After the mass extinction that brought an end to the Devonian Age, the surviving amphibians began to evolve into animals resembling their modern form

Michael .jpg

Abbey Hudson



Through my piece I wanted to illustrate the issue of the pay gap and its impact
on today’s society. My piece tells the story of an old and poor man in Pompeii. It is cast iron, and traditionally sculpted in a Greek fashion. When Mount Vesuvius was about to erupt, the rich and young were able to get out of Pompeii by buying boats, or riding away. This left the poor and elderly to die at the wrath of the volcano. I wanted us today to learn from the past by observing the huge impact that the pay gap had then, and for us to learn from it in the future because a worldly object such as a piece of paper that we place high value on should not deny human rights.

Ethan Martin



I want you to think of a day where you didn’t see an armadillo splayed belly-up on the side of the road. This is Alabama after all, and personally I
cannot think of any such day. Why are so many hit by cars then? So much more than any animal? Do armadillos simply have a death wish? If you lived
your whole life guarding yourself, bullets ricocheting out of your shell, knowing that one wrong step could be your death, wouldn’t you want to just get it over with? Would you rather spill your guts now and just give all you have to
give or wait and wait and wait- just sitting and breathing in anticipation- for something to get you before you yourself do?

Jason Morrow



Throughout my life, I’ve discovered aspects of myself that I dislike, ranging from perfectionism to jealousy. In this piece, I wanted to portray these negative traits as something tangible- a snake and a pomegranate. Both of these images are seen as misleading and treacherous, as the snake tricks Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, while the pomegranate is used as a ploy to keep Persephone trapped in the Underworld. With this in mind, these figures  symbolize not only
parts of me that I reject, but also how these feelings have tricked me into feeling inadequate. While acknowledging your flaws and working to
improve yourself is key, you should also be able to do so without self hatred in mind.


Calliope Ross



Pigeons are often overlooked and seen as dirty, useless pests. They live in harsh urban environments and have had to adapt to survive.
They have evolved into creatures that can power through and face whatever comes at them—just like a mythical medieval knight might. I can relate to this determined underdog. I am drawn to this idea of the overlooked and underrated, finding in them, confidence and courage. Iron is perceived as the symbol of strength, endurance, fortitude and perseverance— and so I give you an iron pigeon, my underrated knight.