2019 Apprenticeship final works

Sebastian .jpg

Sebastian Anderson 


These cast iron faces were uncovered during a temporal expedition to the year 3340 A.D. Finding ourselves in the bowels of an industrial-mechanical temple, our  archaeological team began to take notes on the characteristics of this previously  undocumented future civilization. Within, we encountered a procession of robed

 figures. Due to the high energy demands of our time travel device, our stay was necessarily brief. Several artifacts were recovered. These faces were discovered in a vault nested behind a network of pipes, apparently forged 

and placed there in secrecy some time ago.


Hunner Burgin


My piece depicts a visual representation of the human skeleton. It appears in a distorted, deformed, almost prehistoric way to represent the unpredictability of the physical state of the body once built within the womb but once born is 

only up to interpretation as to how it will come out. The skeleton is a representation  of all mammals, once stripped of its skin and flesh, we are all the same. When the body decays, this is what will be left.

Martez Davis

Product Manager

Hello and welcome to the youth art show, today i would like to present to you my final piece "the story of a life time". This piece is very touching for me and includes a lot of symbolism in every aspect of it. This piece is my way of telling the story of coming out for me and many others. 


The first door shows a person in the closet, the door is closed tight with several locks on it to represent how closed minded the world can be. The person behind it is hugging their knees with a snake around their neck to represent that small voice in the back of their head telling them to stay where they are, its safer, the outside world wont accept them.The chains and hand controller above them is a representation of how the view points and opinions of the world are controlling that person. With the second door shows the person peeking through the door, the door being cracked and missing pieces. This represents how a person 

can be out to certain people but not fully out to everyone. 

The snake that once whispered in their ear has now slithered down to their leg, aiming to keep the person confined to that one place. The third door is seen completely destroyed with the person on their knees looking up to the sky as a sign of relief, the barrier between them and they life they want is now broken out and free. Each path connects to one another as they trail down to the bridge, seemingly going on forever as a representation of how life goes on despite you not noticing.


Michael Doyle



My piece is entitled I See A Fish. The reason why I choose to call my piece this is because it is a statue of a large bird based on a great blue heron, a predatory wading bird that primarily preys on small fish. This particular creature is special to me because I grew up in a house near a pond where many of them fish. In my statue, the bird has its wings spread out and is looking downwards as if it has just spotted a fish swimming near where it is wading and is excited to strike for it. Throughout my life I feel like different experiences and factors have come together over the years to make up who I am. This is why the wings are made of sheet steel and railroad spikes and the body cast iron, symbolize different experiences and factors coming together to make up a person's character and set of skills. The heron uses its body to catch and swallow the fish but needs its wings to fly away to another fishing 

spot once it has swallowed its meal.

Rachel Doyle



These cubes are representative of a sensory experience akin to A.S.M.R.’s  evil twin. With this, the sensations of A.S.M.R. are replaced by a fight-or-flight response as one encounters specific erratic sounds or movements. Sometimes, these reactions can be brought on by something as simple as someone clicking a pen. The innocence of this sort of situation is represented by the soft fabric cube as it is light, safe and non-threatening. However, as a fight-or-flight response begins to kick in, more iron gets incorporated into the cubes and  they become harder to manage.

The stitching on each piece is a reminder of their apparent softness and their cubic shapes take a confusing bad sensory experience and mold it into a more understandable form. With this, the cubes offer a view into life with a sensory disorder as the little things around you can hold a lot of ‘weight.

Everett Fasking


Life is erratic, it likes to throw the inhibitors of its constantly flowing stream into suffocatingly still doldrums and deafening maelstroms. We expect that if we put our best into our situation and people around us we can somehow gain control over them, this is a delusion of reward and false promise of power. This piece represents the fallacies of control we have in our lives and my way of coping with such an intimidating prospect. I often find myself longing to control, which in my short experience of life I have found only to bring hardship so I have resolved to organize myself. When I learned to collect myself and follow the natural turmoil of life I have found peace in silence, respite in the storm, and victory in the wind. My piece mirrors this journey in form and like life itself will continue onward like a fractal form.


Marcus Giles



This piece is labeled "Redemption" for a specific reason. Its to give you a sense  of a Love Story. A story where two wrongs actually made a right. This piece is to focus on the flaws and to simply not crop it out of a perfect picture but to draw it first with bright colors; to ensure that its seen first. A bond was created when I worked on this project and hopefully you feel something almost the same when you observe this sculpture

Ethan Martin



Statement: Growing up, in general, is hard. There’s rules telling you what you can  and can’t do, rules that go as far as to constrict a child from what they could and/or should play with. Boys play with the little cars and trucks, Girls play with dolls and dress up. This piece, however, is not a statement about how you should have your little girl play with trucks or your little boy play with dolls because more often than 

not, children will play with whatever they like. This piece is about transitioning. Being told you must always be what you are born to be and nothing else, well, it’s heart-crushing. I grew up feeling trapped in my own body, and I still do. It’s suffocating to be told you can only do this, that you can’t look like that, because you are a girl, and of course you must act and look like one. But that doesn’t make me a girl. I decide who I am

Tyler Ratcliff



Puppies is about cultures that are currently going through a dilemma in their social stance and their property stance and in their lifestyle stance and the cultures areAfrican Americans, Native Americans and the Spanish the spears at the base of my peace stand for the following cultures how they falling from grace from being kings and queens rolling there on prospective piece of land and the symbols around my peace stand for unity loyalty perseverance and royalty and the  paint on the front of Africa stands for blood and has been shared  for all walks of life. 


Calliope Ross


Spiny orb weaver spiders look scary but they’re harmless to humans. People often see spiders as scary while I see them as misunderstood. People want to kill them whenever they see them, while I like to observe them.  By choose to represent spiny orb weavers with happy, exaggerated colors and smiley faces on their backs, I challenge and redirect the viewers’ perception of these beneficial arachnids. This narrative about a tiny spider seems meaningful in this Anthropocene age where humans are under appreciating the natural world. It’s a call for humans to slow down and appreciate the tiny moments of beauty and extraordinary creatures that share the planet with us