Beginner Welding

The workshop will introduce you to the basic processes involved in steel fabrication: cutting, hammering, welding (torch and mig), and finishing.

Saturday will be mostly instruction, demonstration, and practicing each aspect of the fabrication process.  Sunday we will be fabricating a piece of steel sculpture of your own design.  Your piece can be purely sculptural or functional.  Your instructor will advise you on size and complexity.  Keep in mind that we only have one day to complete your project!
You will be using steel scrap from the Sloss Furnaces scrap yard.
Remember to wear work clothing: long sleeves and pants, leather boots or shoes.  No open toe shoes.  Please do not wear any synthetic materials …they will melt.  Wear cotton.  Sloss Metal Arts will provide safety glasses, gloves, and earplugs.

Open Welding
Open Studios are for artists and others who have experience with tig/mig welding and oxy acetylene torch cutting. During this workshop instructors will be present for assistance but is primarily self-directed. Prior to attending an Open Studio workshop, students must take a beginner/ intermediate workshop with us or be able to demonstrate experience with the medium.